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World of StarCraft MMO continues minus Activision legal beef

Mod moves forward

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Personal Tech, 19th July 2011 11:01 GMT

World of Starcraft is back on the map this week, with a fresh video showing off more of the mod's features, gameplay and levels.

StarCraft Universe

Earlier this year, we heard how the game's creator, Ryan Winzen, had ruffled Activision Blizzard's feathers, not by creating an MMO take on the game using the StarCraft II editing tools, but by using the name World of StarCraft.

It was soon redubbed StarCraft Universe though, and Winzen was invited to the Blizzard campus to meet the StarCraft II development team.

StarCraft Universe has been in quiet development ever since until this fresh clip was spotted online last week. Check it out: