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Guy spills on girl in weird Huawei tablet teaser

Gadget users exchange fluids

By Hard Reg

Posted in Personal Tech, 14th June 2011 10:33 GMT

Chinese comms kit maker Huawei has posted a "sneak peek" video of its MediaTab tablet - and rather a curiosity it is too. The video, not the tablet.

All we can say, after watching it, is that the MediaPad has a camera and a headphone port.

No doubt it has a screen too - 7in, judging by the size of the tablet - but it is never once shown. Only the two-tone back is ever shown. Take a look:

And what is it with the Anglo guy creeping up behing the Asian lass and then dripping his sauce on her? Some kind of metaphor, Huawei, and for what distasteful act? ®