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IT service fitness: prevention is better than cure

The omnipresence of IT

By Miatta Momoh

Posted in Business, 6th May 2011 11:00 GMT

Webcast Delivering a service is dependent on getting networks, storage, servers, operating systems, middleware and applications to work together to agreed levels. But we know how difficult it is to keep these complex chains running reliably; and the problem gets more acute when we throw virtualisation in to the mix.

The answer is to keep on top of what’s happening across the entire service infrastructure and detect and solve problems as they start to happen - not when they have gone critical.

But how do we get there?

The Register’s Tim Phillips was joined by Freeform Dynamics’ Andrew Buss and Nimsoft’s Tim Rochte on the Regcast “Prevention is Better than Cure" to discuss possible answers and the steps needed to achieve the best 'ominpresent' perspective across your IT business services. They looked at:

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