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Sony brings Skype to Bravia HD TVs

Remote interest

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Hardware, 28th April 2011 11:37 GMT

Sony has released a firmware update for its Bravia televisions that adds Skype functionality as well as the ability to use smartphones and notebooks as remote control devices.

The update means Bravia owners can now recreate their own This Island Earth-style Interocitor, although I doubt there's any Sony TVs shaped like a martini glass.

Sony Bravia showing This Island Earth

Bravia sets can also now be controlled using the free Media Remote app for smartphones or the Remote Keyboard function on any of the Japanese giant's Windows 7-based Vaio notebooks. This will come in very handy for sofa-surfers and tap-happy teens who like to Tweet through the TV.

The firmware update can be downloaded free when connecting your Bravia TV to t'interweb. ®