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iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5

Mr Jobs, your 'all-new design' isn't

By Rik Myslewski

Posted in Personal Tech, 3rd March 2011 01:52 GMT

Analysis When introducing the iPad 2 on Wednesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs referred to it as an "all-new design." That assertion could kindly be called debatable.

More accurately, the iPad 2 is a refinement and speed bump to the original iPad. Its new higher-performance processor and improved graphics are, to be sure, welcome upgrades. Its added front and rear cameras will be of use in video calls – if anyone actually prefers to communicate that way. And its slimmer form factor is, well, sexier.

But at 1.3 pounds (601 grams), it remains a handful. Its display hasn't been upgraded, nor has its 30-pin proprietary port, nor has its maximum flash-storage allotment.

But it does come in white – "from day one," said Jobs, a clear reference to the phantom white iPhone 4, which apparently suffers from some form of digital agoraphobia, fearing to venture out into the world.

Before today's announcement, as we noted on Tuesday, the hills were alive with the sound of speculation. Now that fantasies have solidified into aluminum-and-glass facts, it's time to check to see which came true, and which didn't. Here's our list of rumors from Tuesday, along with our notes as to their accuracy. Or inaccuracy:

It appears that the anonymous Apple staffer quoted on Tuesday by Cult of Mac was giving good advice when he cautioned: "For the iPad 2 don’t get your hopes up too high."

Incidentally, that same source also told Cult of Mac that MobileMe was about to be launched as a cloud-based, keep-all-your-media-in-the-sky service. That service wasn't roll-out on Wednesday either – just as we predicted it wouldn't be.

All-in-all, the iPad 2 isn't exactly what you'd call a disappointment – well, unless you were expecting something truly "magical and revolutionary". The iPad 2 adds little magic to the original iPad, and it is most certainly not revolutionary.

Which is fine. For now. But with the tablet market heating up, at the iPad 3's rollout Surprising Savant Steve™ had better have something more impressive up his sleeve when he utters his famous "One more thing..." – a phrase that wasn't mentioned in Jobs' Wednesday presentation.

He didn't say those three words because there really wasn't one more thing. Just the same thing. An improved, updated version of the same thing, to be sure, but nothing magical or revolutionary. ®