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Doctor Who and the Stig become public speakers

Top gear for MP3 playback?

By Caleb Cox

Posted in Personal Tech, 6th January 2011 06:00 GMT

CES 2011 Speakal, US-based manufacturer of novelty speaker systems, is at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) this year with a fresh range of set-ups, which include these Top Gear and Doctor Who inspired designs.

This replica Stig helmet includes an iPod dock, digital amplifier and 25W output with built-in sub-woofer. Give him a track and he'll pump it out rather than race round it.

Speakal novelty Speakers

Sound is rarely out of time with the Doctor Who Tardis - a Bluetooth-based system that boasts "powerful bass" and "premium" speakers.

These devices will be available soon, although there's no word on release date or prices yet. ®