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Rim PlayBook to hit UK in Q2 2011

Yanks get $500 tablet in Q1

By Hard Reg

Posted in Personal Tech, 19th November 2010 10:21 GMT

Waiting for Rim's PlayBook BlackBerry tablet? Don't hold your breath - it's not out over here until April 2011 at the earliest.

So says Gregory Wade, head of Rim's Asia operation, by way of local newssite DigiTimes. Wade said the PlayBook will debut in the US and Rim's native Canada in Q1 2011, with a broader roll-out following in Q2.

Rim PlayBook

Despite the name, the 7in PlayBook will be aimed at corporate users, Wade said, and it'll cost $500 (£311).

Seaparately, Rim released a video comparing the PlayBook's Flash-enabled browser with the Apple iPad's Flash-less one: