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Lovefilm confirms PS3 streaming scheme

Console UI to feature service 'soon'

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 13th October 2010 12:23 GMT

Lovefilm has confirmed it will bring video streaming to the PlayStation 3 - it's just not saying when.

Simply stating that the service will be coming "soon", Lovefilm said the tie-in with Sony will see it become the official "PS3 integrated subscription film service partner", a wording that covers the fact that it will operate alongside the video content already provided to some PS3 owners through Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) online service.

Lovefilm subscribers will get to stream movies to their console through the company's logo, which will appear in the PS3's XMB UI. The service is essentially the same as the one made available to subscribers who own Sony and Samsung net-connected TVs. ®