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Daily Star is sorry for Grand Theft Auto Raoul Moat blunder

Journalism at its best

By Drew Cullen

Posted in Personal Tech, 26th July 2010 13:45 GMT

Last week the Daily Star published the sensational scoop that Rockstar Games was prepping Grand Theft Auto Rothbury, inspired by the murderer Raoul Moat.

It was a hoax of course, but it would be much too kind to describe the Star as a victim. The paper compounded its error by mocking up a fake cover (see here) and by soliciting a response from the grandmother of Moat's girlfriend.

Today the Star issued a long, grovelling apology. Among other thing, the paper - motto: Simply The Best 7 Days a Week- admits it didn't check up the story with Rockstar Games, a mistake, for which it must pay substantial damages.

Rockstar is donating the windfall to charity.