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Council wins motorbike charges case

Parking charges legit for motorbikes

By John Oates

Posted in Policy, 16th July 2010 11:10 GMT

The campaign against parking charges for motorbikes in central London has lost a court challenge to Westminster Council.

The case, brought by Warren Djanogly, accused Westminster of abusing its statutory powers in order to raise revenue and failing to carry out a proper consultation process before bringing in the charges.

Motorcyclists must now pay £1 a day to park in Westminster.

The council said it would seek to recover £50,000 in legal costs from Djanogly.

A commenter in the campaign's forum said: "As expected. We lose. Now for appeal. No retreat no surrender."

The Met police is warning of possible congestion associated with demonstrating bikers around the High Court.

The full judgement is here. ®