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Turkey cuffs 23 'militant' hacker suspects

PKK s'kiddies

By John Leyden

Posted in Security, 12th March 2010 10:03 GMT

Turkey has arrested 23 hackers suspected of links with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and attacks on government websites.

The suspects allegedly attacked government web sites under direction of PKK leaders in Iraq and Europe, UPI reports. Reports of activities of the so-called Code Attack Team are sketchy, so it's unclear whether they engaged in simple defacement alone or went on to launch malware-based attacks.

However English language Turkish daily Hurriyet reports that the suspects, from provinces across Turkey, are blamed for attacks on 300 public institutions. Attacks were often followed by emailed PowerPoint files that decried the treatment of the Kurdish people by Turkey and finished with a message claiming data on the computer that opened the file had been deleted. ®