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Hold onto your pants it's iPad pre-order day

Early adopters get up early

By John Oates

Posted in Networks, 12th March 2010 11:30 GMT

Apple's US online store is currently being updated, ahead of opening for pre-orders of iPads.

Lucky US punters can sign up to pre-order the giant Jesusphones from 5.30AM Pacific Time.

The actual device should be ready for collection from retail stores on 3 April - although a legal disclaimer on the site warns it still has to be certified by the Federal Communications Commission.

Pre-orders are for US customers only for both Wi-Fi and 3G models. 3G models start at $629 for a 16GB device, but only Wi-Fi models will be shipping 3 April.

Pricing, and pre-order policy, for the rest of the world has yet to be announced but is expected in late April. ®