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A Geeks Guide2... Microsoft Training 365

Save over £580 at Reg Books

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Posted in Site News, 22nd January 2010 16:55 GMT

A Geeks Guide 2 Microsoft Training 365Geeks Guide2 This week we’re offering Reg readers a huge introductory discount on a Microsoft Training 365 Technical Subscription. For the next 28 days you will save over £580 on this IT pro and developer training hotbed by ordering the subscription via the Register Books website.

What is it?

Microsoft Training 365 Technical Subscription

Considering that the subscriptions are newly launched this week, we’d better start off by letting you know what they are. First of all, Microsoft Training 365 is unsurprisingly a subscription service, similar to TechNet and MSDN. Coming in five flavours, it provides you with access to every official Microsoft online course, past, present and future, for 12 months within your chosen package, those being either desktop (140+ courses), IT pro (1,100+), developer (300+), technical (1,500+) or premium (the whole lot).

Microsoft Training 365 Technical Subscription

With GG2 you can save over £580 on this 12 month subscription.

A combination of both the IT pro and developer packages, the technical subscription is available for a limited time for just £498.99 ex. VAT (£586.32 inc. VAT) down from £999 ex. VAT (RRP £1,173.83 inc. VAT). This 12 month subscription entitles you to over 1,500 courses on .NET technologies, Exchange and Windows Server, SQL, Visual Studio and much (much) more. This would come to over £40,000 worth of Microsoft technology training if you bought the courses individually. In addition, you will also be given access to any other courses released during your subscription duration as part of the deal, for example the new SharePoint 2010 courses due for release in the coming months.

A full list of current courses can be found here.

Virtual Labs...

In addition to getting more courses than you can shake a stick at, a lot of them feature Microsoft Virtual Labs. These provide you with a direct connection to remote hosting equipment, which allows you to virtually configure and control a real working system to test skills developed on the courses or to trial a new idea – without risking your company’s or your own personal equipment.

More information & ordering

Get more information on Microsoft Training 365 by visiting Register Books, where you will find subscription comparisons and descriptions on how it works.

You can take advantage of our special introductory discount here.

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