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Kindle DX goes global

Amazon to sell e-book reader outside US

By James Sherwood

Posted in Personal Tech, 6th January 2010 10:17 GMT

Amazon will extended the Kindle DX’s reach beyond North America later this month by selling the e-book reader to a wider global audience.

Set for global release on 19 January, it currently looks as though Blighty-based buyers will be forced to purchase the Kindle DX through Amazon’s North American website where the gadget is priced at $489 (£305/€340).

The Kindle DX features a 9.7in screen able to display 16 shades of gray. The e-book reader can connect into Amazon’s online Kindle Store through a 3G connection and has a 3.3GB memory.

Pre-orders for the Kindle DX can be place online now. ®