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Geeks Guide2 Christmas 2009 - Part III

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A Geeks Guide 2 Christmas Welcome to the third part of our Christmas trilogy! With digital photography and gaming out the way, we spend this week looking at LEGO, a centre piece under the Christmas tree for over 50 years. All featured books are 40% off and are dispatched same working day – free delivery on orders over £25.

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0: The King’s Treasure

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0: The King’s TreasureWe begin with one of the best introductions to the LEGO MINDSTORMS world. To hobbyists it offers five challenges that require five builds of robots to complete. To parents, it offers an engaging fictional story that allows you to work with your kids to create robots that overcome the challenges you face in your search for lost treasure.

The book uses the new NXT 2.0 kit (released a few months back) and is divided up into five sections of four chapters each – storyline (your challenge), theory (the solution, build restrictions and requirements), building instructions and finally programming. The author won’t boggle the mind during the programming chapters; he uses the NXT-G programming language and illustrates with screenshots with a by-the-hand guide suitable for youngsters and adults alike.

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LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT POWER PROGRAMMINGNXT Power Programming provides advanced hobbyists with a definitive C programming guide to creating LEGO MINDSTORMS robots. The book focuses on text-based programming languages rather than NXT-G and is crammed with creative projects that explore the multitude of NXT functionality. Requiring a familiarity with coding, each project has been enhanced to work with the latest NXT 2.0 set but is also compatible with 1.0.

In the later stages of the book you will create a fully expandable mobile robot called Versa. She will be the basis of your advanced understanding and experiments. As you tweak towards the end of the book you’ll be drawing shapes with your NXT, using Bluetooth direct commands, and perhaps even playing Pong…

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PROGRAMMING LEGO MINDSTORMS NXTAlready have a LEGO MINDSTORMS kit? This book helps you get more from the original out of the box creations that come with the NXT 1.0 kit. Why not program the Tribot to behave like a bat or get the RoboArm to perform like a magician? By using this book you can bring new life to those old robots using the MINDSTORMS NXT-G language.

Offering a solid introduction to NXT programming, the book assumes nothing and explains everything in a clear and well illustrated manner. If you’re experienced it will be somewhat tedious, but for many it will allow you to create something unique and develop your knowledge for future designs.

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BUILD YOUR OWN PAPER ROBOTSIf you’re on a budget or can’t be bothered to spend countless hours with your kids creating a robot that you realise can’t be programmed to fetch you a beer, there are always paper robots… There are 14 mecha models to colour, print and build, with simple step-by-step instructions on how to assemble them.

You don’t need fancy C programming compilers here – paper, glue, ruler, scissors and for the adventurous, craft knifes are all that are needed. The accompanying CD has templates for each robot to print off, with the choice to either colour them using good old Crayolas or edit them within Photoshop. Each robot gets progressively more difficult to build, and to finish off your creation, there is a guide to build an entire mecha city as a backdrop for your beasts.

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LEGO Indiana Jones 2

LEGO Indiana Jones 2It’s a sad fact but kids are more likely to play a LEGO video game than sit down and actually create something. With Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones and next year Harry Potter all getting CG LEGO treatment, it seems even LEGO know it too.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 is the official strategy guide to the latest LEGO game title. Each page is full with colour illustrations and strategies for completing all 90 story, treasure, and bonus levels, including detailed maps to help you find the locations of vehicles, levels, and hidden coloured bricks. All the characters, their unique weapons and abilities, and how to unlock them are outlined. There is also expert advice on how to use the Map Creator, showing you how to build levels, create characters, and build your own adventure… just like real LEGO…

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