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Moribund Mexican litters Street View

Spymobile captures sobering slice of real life

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 16th November 2009 11:17 GMT

It's a sobering fact, but the further Google's Street View tentacles extend from Mountain View, the greater the chance they will eventually touch someone who doesn't enjoy the benefits of free macrobiotic lunch buffets and Segways.

Street View went live in Mexico last week, and Google Sightseeing wasted no time in tracking down this poor bloke in Monterrey:

Mexican slumped in street in Monterrey

Happily, amid the homeless and disenfranchised, Google Sightseeing's contributors did manage to spot this cheerful piece of local colour:

Comedy Mexican wearing improbably large hat

Yup, that's the way we prefer Mexico: Cozumel vendors punting comedy hats to gringos, presumably to the sound of mariachi. ®