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Retailers price up Blighty's black Wii

Out next week

By James Sherwood

Posted in Personal Tech, 27th October 2009 10:15 GMT

The black Wii has been priced up ahead of its UK release on 6 November.

Officially announced by Nintendo last week, the black Wii’s retail price is £180 ($294/€198), numerous online retailer, including HMV, have stated.


The black Wii launches in Blighty on 6 November

However, both Amazon and Play have slashed the console's price to £165.

Nintendo’s dark-hued console will be sold as part of a "limited edition" bundle pack that – in addition to the black console – contains a black Remote, black Nunchuck, black MotionPlus peripheral and copies of both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. ®