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Oz woman demands chihuahua at gunpoint

Pulls piece on cop as puppy deal goes bad

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 28th September 2009 10:32 GMT

A Sydney woman has been charged with attempted robbery after she demanded at gunpoint that a police officer hand over a chihuahua, ABC News reports.

The 26-year-old dog lover had apparently arranged to buy the puppy and duly turned up at the cop's Kellyville home to collect the mutt.

For reasons which are not clear, she then "produced a gun and demanded the puppy be handed over", according to police. The residents of the house were able to restrain the woman, who has now earned herself an appearance before the beak next month.

The pistol used in the attempted dog-jacking was a replica, police said. Paris Hilton was unavailable for comment this morning. ®