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El Reg reader crafts Gordo Lolcatprat

Sadness... I has it

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 8th June 2009 12:20 GMT

Following the righteous shoeing Brit voters administered the Labour party in the weekend's European polls, we feel it's an appropriate moment to offer reader Tom Tregenna's Gordo "Lolprat":

Gordon Brown: Sad.. I has it

Net vets will, of course, be aware of the inspiration for this: The truly hideous Lolcats phenomenon, which has been tickling ribs and splitting sides for yonks with its hilarious captioned cat snaps.

In the same spirit of merriment, here's another Gordo:


And, to maintain El Reg's legendary political neutrality, try a couple of Cameron:

Cameron's invisible policy document

Cameron: I kill U Gordo

Good stuff. If you think you can do better, throw us your own Lolprat here. We'll have a round up of your efforts on Friday afternoon, so get busy. ®