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Better Wii Fit and Balance Board en-route?

Enhanced connectivity and increased sensitivity rumoured

By James Sherwood

Posted in Personal Tech, 1st June 2009 14:03 GMT

An updated version of Wii Fit could be unveiled by Nintendo at the E3 games conference this week, alongside the launch of an enhanced Balance Board.

Thought to be called Wii Fit Plus, the game’s next version will let geographically disparate users compete with one another, industry moles have told Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

In additional to a spruced up version of Wii Fit, the moles also hinted that a more sensitive version of the Balance Board will be unveiled at E3, which kicks off tomorrow.

The idea doesn’t seem too beyond the realms of possibility. Nintendo’s already released a peripheral that increases the sensitivity of the Wii’s Remote, called MotionPlus. So the videogames giant may look to capitalise on this technology by adding it into the Balance Board. ®