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Street View vehicle kills Bambi

Cervine slaughter outrage rocks cyberspace

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 30th January 2009 11:16 GMT

Those of you who are old enough to remember when it was all fields round here and have spent years searching for an answer to the Sex Pistols' perennial poser Who Killed Bambi? will be delighted to learn that the question has finally been answered.

Yes, folks, it was Google who killed Bambi, and here's the proof (click on the pics for a bigger version):

Deer runs out in front of Street View vehicle

Street View vehicle closes on running deer

Warning: Next page contains images which may upset small children...

Deer takes a hit from Street View vehicle

Dead deer seen lying at side of road

Well, no sooner had sharp-eyed netizens spotted this outrage and expressed their horror and disgust across cyberspace, than Google pulled the offending images. Too late, of course, because concerned animal lovers had already moved with lightning speed to get the above screengrabs of the slaughter.

For the record, the cervine road kill incident took place here, in Five Points Rd*, Rush, New York, although any attempt to pinpoint the corpse results in the traditional "This image is no longer available" message.

In summary: Do no evil, but if you must do evil, then have the "delete evil" button close to hand. ®


*Yeah, we know - deer normally count as ten points on the roadkill scale.