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Gordo's mobe interrupts economic summit

I'll name that ringtone in one, Prime Minister

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 30th January 2009 13:45 GMT

If you want evidence that UK big cheese Gordon Brown is not hip with the kids, try this BBC clip of his mobe interrupting a press conference at the World Economic Forum shindig in Davos...

Hey, Gordo, that is like sooo last century - time to download a kick-ass polyphonic. Word has it that Sarko's phone has a thrash-garage remix of his missus singing Je t'aime, just so you know.

Oh yeah, and while you're online looking for a new vibe, check out the handy "How to turn your phone off" bit of the Nokia support website. That way, you won't make a fool of yourself twice in 30 seconds. ®