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Rockstar denies GTA V rumours

But says 'yes' to another add-on download

By James Sherwood

Posted in Personal Tech, 20th January 2009 16:28 GMT

Rockstar has denied recent rumours that it’ll unveil a successor to the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto IV videogame this year. However, some good news is on the horizon.

The firm broke the disappointing news to website Kotaku, with a spokesperson stating that there’s “no truth” in the reports.

But, on a positive note, Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has confirmed that a second downloadable add-on for GTA: IV will arrive at some point before the end of October this year.

The first downloadable episode: The Lost and Damned, is set to be released in February, but it’ll only be available to Xbox 360 owners. Console compatibility or a storyline for the second add-on hasn’t been announced yet. ®