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Ivan O'Toole? That's nothing, snorts Hugh Jass

We kid you not...

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 8th September 2008 10:56 GMT

The sorry tale of Ivan O'Toole, which last Friday caused a certain amount of merriment among the less than kind hearted members of our beloved readership, attracted an email suggesting that Mr O'Toole had faked an email address and hoodwinked the Reg Bootnotes secretariat.

The missive in question came from one Hugh Jass, who provided photographic evidence of his own spectacularly unfortunate title:

Nectar card in the name of Hugh Jass

Well, we were initially tempted to run the evidence through our CSI-style photo analyser, to see if it had succumbed to some light Photoshopping, but decided it was too entertaining to doubt, as we're sure you'll agree. ®