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Google's comic capers: what they really meant to say

The truth behind the speech bubbles

By Team Register

Posted in Bootnotes, 2nd September 2008 22:32 GMT

Google publicised its new browser Chrome with a 38-page comic book. It's a gift to satirists, and already, our inboxes are buzzing with slightly less saintly interpretations.

Here's a selection. Naturally, the altruistic nature of the operation gets a bit of a bashing:

As does the, er, "end to end" nature of the gambit:

And this one revives the memory of an ancient diplomatic incident between the Empire of Goo and El Reg:

So can you do better? Remember to be careful:

So get Photoshopping - and mail them here. We'll try and turn this one around in "internet time." In other words, in time for Friday. ®