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Nvidia waves goodbye to chipsets?

More from the Taiwan rumour mill

By James Sherwood

Posted in The Channel, 1st August 2008 15:54 GMT

The web is alight with rumours that Nvidia has had enough of the chipset business and is poised to leave.

According to unnamed Digitimes sources, Nvidia called a meeting earlier this week with motherboard partners, to gauge support for its continued chipset development.

Chipsets are thought to account for about 18 per cent of Nvidia’s business, but Tim Luke, an analyst at Lehman Brothers, said earlier today that Nvidia “continues to be challenged by significant competitive and pricing pressures in its core GPU business”.

He also claimed that the firm, which originally only provided chipsets to AMD, has seen a decline in chipset sales to AMD since it acquired ATI.

Nvidia is yet to make an official comment.