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Discover a new language with our programming books offer

Don't hold back

By Register Books

Posted in Site News, 1st July 2008 14:25 GMT

Site offer It’s a familiar story for most computer programmers. You can write in C++ while you’re asleep and you could have a stab at creating a program using Java™ as well. However when it comes to Visual Basic you haven’t got a clue. Balancing which languages you specialise in and keeping a well-rounded knowledge of the hundreds of options available is difficult, but we at Reg Books are here to help!

We’re offering a 40 per cent discount on the RRP* on ten beginner programmer titles covering a range of languages that you might want to explore. So whether you just want a change of scenery in your programming career or to broaden your knowledge of languages you have yet to delve into, we have got you covered.

*Offer correct at time of going to press. Offer covers selected titles only. Terms and conditions apply. ®