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China's spacewalk mission go for October

Third manned jaunt confirmed

By Lester Haines

Posted in Science, 12th June 2008 11:20 GMT

China's postponed Shenzhou VII manned space mission will now launch in October, Reuters reports.

The mission was knocked back while scientists tackled "the key problem of the spacesuit" - pretty critical since Shenzhou VII will feature China's first spacewalk. It follows the country's two successful manned jaunts - 2003's Shenzhou V which saw Yang Liwei become the Communist state's first astronaut, and Shenzhou VI in 2005 during which two comrades circled the Earth for five days.

State news agency Xinhua has confirmed three astronauts will take part in Shenzhou VII, with one indulging in some EVA to carry out "relative scientific experiments". ®