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Beauty is in the eye of the CGI-holder

A portrait of high quality digital art

By Register Books

Posted in Site News, 14th March 2008 10:02 GMT

Site offer Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) has become an art and much of what can be produced today is stunningly beautiful. Ballistic finds the best digital artists in the world and puts their work in fantastic art books.

From the techniques of Kevin Lanning, part of the team that developed and designed the characters in Gears of War, to Paul Fedor and Hong Suck Sah who worked in the team that digitised a human being in such a way as to create a double that would be at home in a next-gen game or HD movie (see Creative Essence: The Face listed below), every area of the genre is covered.

The artwork is stunning and shows just what can be achieved in the world of CGI today.

Please visit Register Books for a full list of Ballistic digital art titles or see the links below for specific titles. All titles are offered with Register Books' special 10 per cent discount.

* Offer correct at time of going to press. Offer covers selected titles only. Terms and Conditions apply. ®