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Mr and Mrs Renault cannot name daughter Megane

Belgian authorities apply sanity brakes

By Citroen Xantia III

Posted in Bootnotes, 30th August 2007 12:02 GMT

Belgian authorities have decided that it is not a particularly bright idea for a Mr and Mrs Renault to name their daughter Megane, Pravda reports.

Quite where Pravda got wind of this insanity we know not, but psychologists apparently intervened to prevent the Renaults' offspring from suffering a lifetime of misery and despair.

The Megane attempted outrage is the latest in a growing trend for parents to slap their sprogs with bloody silly names. Regular readers will of course recall the cases of "4Real", "Princess Tiaamii", "Metallica", "@" and "Jon Blake Cusack Version 2.0". ®