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Albanians swipe Bush's wristwatch

Goddamn thieving former Commies

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 12th June 2007 15:54 GMT

The White House has denied reports that enthusiastic Albanians greeted President Bush to their sun-kissed land by swiping his wristwatch. The alleged incident, captured by Albanian TV on Sunday and now featuring on YouTube, appears to show thieving former godless Commies relieving El Prez of his timepiece:

President Bush apparently relieved of his watch during walkabout

A White House spokesman simply said: "The President took his watch off." The video evidence, however, suggests otherwise:

Well, the jury's out. If the Albanians have indeed half inched Bush's watch, expect an indignant Condoleeeeza Rice threatening to cancel all of Tirana's McDonald's franchises until the culprit is handed over for rendition. ®