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Teen embeds car in Edinburgh basement

Reg reader snaps spectacular prang

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 16th May 2007 08:45 GMT

We're obliged this morning to reader Paul Moran for sending us a snap of what happens when you try and park a Ford Focus at an inadvisably high speed:

Ford Focus embedded into Edinburgh basement

According to the Beeb, the car was stolen in Wallyford in East Lothian on Monday, and eventually ended its journey on the corner of Edinburgh's North Castle Street and Hill Street after the teenager at the wheel "saw a police car out on patrol, drove at high speed, and crashed into the basement".

The 16-year-old miscreant suffered minor cuts in the crash and was later "seen being led away in handcuffs". The Focus was subsequently towed from the basement by a fire engine. ®