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Fifa's 'wranking cock' shown red card

Suspect file name trips net filters

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 1st May 2007 11:05 GMT

We're very much obliged to Jonathan Horner for alerting us to some suspect file naming down at footie governing body Fifa's homepage, which "keeps tripping our internet filter alerts", as he puts it:

Fifa website image named "fifa_wranking_cock.jpg"

Hmmmm. We're pretty certain that in this case (and Reg regulars will remember the Worcestershire Health Authority minge outrage) this is supposed to read "fifa_wranking_coke.jpg". If not, heads will roll, and no messing.

Just in case, we have made our dossier available to the relevant authority - an internationally-reknowned artist whose passion for football, wranking and cock is unrivalled. ®