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Symantec Backup Exec gets Vista-tized

Fresh release Exchanged and x64ed too

By Austin Modine

Posted in The Channel, 30th March 2007 23:47 GMT

Symantec Backup Exec users waiting patiently for Vista compatibility can now brick their systems while enjoying the style of Window's Aero glass effect.

The finger of blame for the long wait falls partly on Microsoft, who's latest OS offering shot out of the stable with all the speed and grace of a three-legged horse. Vista's numerous delays made Symantec exclude its support in Backup Exec version 11d, released in November. Now Symantec's Vista-ready back up software arrives tardy, but more...supportive.

The new version now loves: (here come the bullets)


You can download the latest version of Backup Exec on Symantec's website. ®