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Norwegian nutter skis 300ft down Tube escalator

London Underground unimpressed by YouTube vid

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 28th March 2007 11:19 GMT

YouTube footage of a "nutter skiing down Angel Tube Station escalator" has not impressed London Underground officials, The Sun reports.

LU officials described the stunt - featuring Norwegian Peter Olenick on a 300-ft white-knuckle descent of Europe's longest escalator - as "a dangerous, stupid and irresponsible act that could have resulted in serious injury or death to not only the individual concerned but also other passengers".

They added: "LU will press for the police to take the strongest possible action against anyone attempting a similar act on the Tube network."

The producer of the film claimed "other people were not in danger as friends of the stuntman had warned passengers away". ®