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iTrip updated for second-gen iPod Nano

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 26th March 2007 10:57 GMT

The latest incarnation of accessory maker Griffin Technology's iPod-friendly FM radio transmitter, iTrip, is now available to buy. The new model is designed to work with the second-generation iPod Nano.

Griffin Technology iTrip for 2G iPod Nano

The iTrip clips on the bottom and back of the diminutive DAP, flush with the iPod's all-metal casing. The transmitter's broadcast frequency is selected using the player's own screen and controls. The iTrip automatically adjusts the iPod's playback volume to prevent level clipping.

There's even a mini USB port on board to allow the iPod to be charged while the iTrip's in place.

Griffin Technology iTrip for 2G iPod Nano

The iTrip for 2G iPod Nano costs £34 over here and $50 in the US. It's available from most reputable iPod accessory outlets.

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