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Register Books tackles Ruby on Rails

A treasure trove of titles

By Register Books

Posted in Site News, 5th March 2007 11:22 GMT

Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. Taking elements inspired by Perl, Small talk, Python and LISP (among others) Ruby has grown from its 1993 conception to become a much-used interpreted scripting language for Object-Oriented Programming.

Ruby on Rails provides an easy-to-use method for quickly developing web applications, simplifying potentially complicated subjects such as web architecture, JavaScript, and SQL/database creation. The simplicity of Rails belies its power, though - this technology is used by major companies such as 37Signals and Google.

In this week's offer Register Books has brought together some of the best selling Ruby titles on the market, worked our magic, and slashed the prices of all these books by 40 per cent*. That's a gem of an offer.

* Offer correct at time of going to press. ®