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Wife's breasts entice German down pole

Topless snap ends high altitude protest

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 5th March 2007 13:53 GMT

A German man who'd spent 10 days atop a 72-foot pole in protest at a conviction for fraud finally descended from his temporary eyrie after his missus sent up a topless snap of herself, Reuters reports.

Fred Gregor, 45, installed himself in a small cubicle on the converted TV mast in a bid to get a new trial. His wife Suzanne, 25, "backed his protest until the former stripper and mother of their five children decided she had had enough".

She duly deployed her cunning and assets and "sent up a topless picture of herself in his lunch box", as Reuters puts it. No, we're not sure if that phrase is entirely well-chosen either. ®