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Whopping widescreen Wii

Games played on 388in cinema screen

By Scott Snowden

Posted in Personal Tech, 21st February 2007 13:43 GMT

You might have a 38in widescreen HDTV...you might even have a 50-in plasma display...you might even have a projector system set up as your source of home entertainment...but it's extremely unlikely you'll be able to top this...

A YouTube video showing a couple of resourceful individuals hooking a Wii up to a 388in cinema screen has appeared on Gizmodo UK. It seems one of them manages the local cinema...and the friends took to rigging the projector and games console together to create quite possibly the ultimate in interactive game play.

The quality is surprising and the sheer size is staggering as the guys take Wii bowling, tennis, golf and boxing to a whole new level.