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Moto sees red with Ferrari phone

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 26th January 2007 12:00 GMT

Ferrari fans will next week be able to get their merchandise-mad mitts on Motorola's latest limited edition handset: a RAZRmaxx V6 dedicated to the sign of the prancing pony.

motorola razrmaxx v6 ferrari edition - artist's impression

The RAZRmaxx V6 Ferrari Challenge handset is a 3G phone with HSDPA high-speed data download technology. Beyond the famous Ferrari logo on the outside of the handset, the phone comes loaded with a stack of Ferrari-related images for wallpaper and the like. The phone will come with a "hand-made carry case in Ferrari-red leather", Motorola said.

The Handset will ship in five continents on 29 January for the equivalent of €490 ($636/£323), Motorola said.

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