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Programming classics - the sequel

Time to expand your bookshelf

By Register Books

Posted in Site News, 23rd January 2007 13:02 GMT

Site offer You've done it again. Our programming classics article went down a storm and prompted several emails back to Register Books, both praising and suggesting.

Most of you agreed that we had a pretty formidable selection, but as usual, and as we wanted, you also came up with a list of books you felt deserved a place in our list (because they have a place in your hearts!).

As a result we thought that we'd do a sequel to programming classics and add the titles your peers feel you should not be without, and they're still nearly all at 40 per cent off!*

We have also set up an area on Register Books devoted entirely to our classics, and we will continue to welcome any suggestions that we can add to the list. Just email books@theregister.co.uk with the subject "My Classic Books" and we'll add them to the list if we agree.

* Offer correct at time of going to press. ®