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AMD posts Catalyst 7.1 update

Drivers tweaked for Windows and Linux

By Register Hardware

Posted in Personal Tech, 10th January 2007 20:42 GMT

AMD has shipped the latest version of its Catalyst driver package for ATI Radeon graphics chips. The new release, version 7.1, covers both Windows XP and Linux - the latter now supporting version 2.6.19 of the open source operating system's kernel.

Catalyst 7.1's key Windows enhancements include a claimed 12 per cent performance gain for gamers running Dark Messiah: Might and Magic. AMD also said the update enables CrossFire's Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR) by default to the benefit of all AFR-compatible applications.

Both versions of the driver package also feature the usual array of bug fixes and lesser tweaks. More details and the drivers themselves can be found at AMD's ATI software web page. ®