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Scots dump 40m poo in Edinburgh field

Hi-res profanity greets visiting aliens

By Lester Haines

Posted in Policy, 8th January 2007 11:01 GMT

We Brits are an unfriendly bunch, and no mistake. While visiting aliens who touch down in the US of A might be greeted by hysterical crowds of skywatchers bearing "Welcome to our planet" banners, any extraterrestrial sweeping the skies above the UK is likely to get an eyeful of this:

Scots say poo on Google Earth

This 40m greeting can be found to the north of Edinburgh. Given that Britain already boasts a farmer's huge arse and the now-famous 40m Yorkshire profanity, ET and his mates should be left in no doubt that we are not in the mood for close encounters of any kind whatsoever. ®


Thanks to Edinburgh local Simon Buch for the tip-off.