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BBC peddles news filth to children

British army photo shocker

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 2nd January 2007 15:23 GMT

According to the BBC's Predictions for 2007, Afghanistan is set to become the new Northern Ireland. If that's true, then the photo accompanying this piece of crystal ball gazing should alert the locals as to the need to lock up their grandmothers:

BBC peddles filth to kiddies

Shocking. The parents among you still not convinced - following the recent "Mingegate" outrage - that your kiddies are being exposed to mindless internet filth which will one day drag them down into degeneracy and despair, should note that it was the 12-year-old son a regular reader who noticed the above. We have, as ever, made our dossier available to the relevant authorities - in this case the MOD and The News of the World. ®