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Worcestershire NHS peddles filth to kiddies

Woman's reproductive organs are called what?

By Lester Haines

Posted in Policy, 18th December 2006 14:53 GMT

NSFW It's enough to have Middle England choking on its cocoa: get yourselves down to Worcestershire Health Authority's Sexual Health Online website, then right click on the fetching graphic of a lady's reproductive bits and check out the image properties:

A woman's reproductive parts, as described by Worcestershire Health Authority

For shame. Given that honest taxpayers' money is being used to peddle this filth to kiddies, we have made our dossier available to the appropriate authority: The Daily Mail. ®


Thanks to all those readers who wrote to say that as of around 3pm, the file was renamed m1ng3.jpg. A great improvement, as you pointed out.


We're obliged to Neil Sunerton for alerting us to this outrage.