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MS readies 100GB HDD for XBOX 360?

Korean convention announcement, apparently

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 20th October 2006 08:02 GMT

Microsoft has apparently said it intends to introduce a 100GB hard drive for its Xbox 360 games console. The scheme was announced yesterday at X06, an event dedicated to the console and held in South Korea.

There's no sign from the Korean-language slides posted at local website GameInside.co.kr, whether this is an official add-on or simply what Microsoft expects to see. Among the goodies coming to the console mentioned on the slides are the Live Vision webcam, a force-feedback controller, a Bluetooth headset and, bizarrely, a suitably-branded mouse.

ms' xbox 360 100gb hard drive - image courtesy gameinside.co.kr

The slides also point to a 256MB memory card-like device as well as the 100GB HDD - and, of course, the already announced external HD DVD player. ®