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Be-ez parades autumn collection MacBook cases

Laptop couture

By Hard Reg

Posted in Personal Tech, 17th October 2006 11:14 GMT

be-ex larobe macbook, macbook pro zip-up slip-cases

Shiny white Apple MacBook now in your possession? Want to keep it spotless and safe from scratches? Of course you do, and a slip-case is just the thing. French laptop bag designer Be-ez has extended its LArobe range of zip-up slip-cases for MacBooks and MacBook Pros with a trio of "autumn colours": purple, khaki and blue. Price at £18-25, depending on the length of your laptop, the LArobe is handy even when you're MacBook's inside a bag, providing extra padding and protection against keys, music players, sandwiches etc. They're available now from all the usual Apple dealers. ®