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I-O Data touts double-speed ToteBag USB Flash drive


By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 11th October 2006 10:42 GMT

i-o data's double-speed totebag bh usb flash drive

Japan's I-O Data will next month ship a series of colourful USB Flash drives it claims deliver almost double the read and write speeds of standard products. Due to be made available in a choice or blue, red or black, and in capacities ranging from 512MB to 8GB, the ToteBag BH drives splits the storage into two banks which can be accessed simultaneously. The upshot, said I-O Data, is a write speed of 50s for 469MB of data, down from 91s for past products. The read speed likewise hits 21s, down from 40s. Oh, and there's a clip on the end so you don't lost the cap... ®