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Brummie clubber killed by bovine TB

Six infected in nightclub outbreak

By Lester Haines

Posted in Science, 11th October 2006 09:27 GMT

An outbreak of bovine TB in Birmingham earlier this year which infected six clubbers was traced to a man who drank "untreated, unpasteurised milk", the BBC reports.

The half-dozen infectees - susceptible to infection due to weakened immune systems caused by disease such as diabetes or HIV - were "thought to have all picked it up at a bar and nightclub". One woman subsequently died.

There is growing concern that drug-resistant TB strains of tuberculosis in eastern Europe and central Asia are "putting EU states at risk of a deadly outbreak", the BBC notes.

The World Health Organisation confirmed the "hottest zones" of new strains all lie on the EU's borders, while the Red Cross described the threat as "the most alarming tuberculosis situation since World War II". ®