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Intel EOLs Pentium D 805

Low-end CPU marked for termination

By Tony Smith

Posted in Personal Tech, 10th October 2006 08:46 GMT

Intel has officially marked the Pentium D 805 processor for termination, company documents reveal. The chip giant will take no further orders for the part - either boxed product or tray-mounted batches - after 9 February 2007.

The 805 was only introduced in July this year. It's the only Pentium D chip that operates on a 533MHz frontside bus - the rest run on 800MHz FSBs. Clocked at 2.66GHz, the 90nm 805 was aimed at low-end dual-core systems.

With dual-core Celeron desktop chips now appearing on Intel's roadmaps, not to mention low-end Core 2 processors, there's clearly little need for the 805 going forward, so out it goes. ®